Coaching & Experience

As a certified integrative nutrition health coach, master of curiosity and ideas, and a fierce nurturer I’ll help bring you back to your wellness.


I work to empower my clients through ongoing support, education, and guidance.  Working closely with clients I help apply gentle dietary and lifestyle changes to enable the client to achieve their desired goals.    Health coaches do not diagnose but can refer to other professionals, even serving as a bridge between the client and other health professionals.


Said another way, think of a coach on the sidelines of the field or court. The coach does not play the game, BUT they are anticipating challenges, helping to strategize both offensively and defensively, create and inspire, and empower their players to play the game to the best of their abilities.  Having often played the game themselves sports coaches are driven by their own personal experience on the field and passion for the game to want to make a difference for others.  This is what health coaching is to me.

My Approach.

When we work together, we will take an approach guided by these carefully selected 4 pillars of thought and ground ourselves in purposeful curiosity and experimentation, rather than “a right vs. wrong way.”

Here’s what I want you to know:

  • Your XYZs that make you YOU, hold the insights to create the best wellness for you.
  • You can make small, simple changes gradually that will create a big impact.
  • You can explore your health and wellness holistically (while aslo being realistic).
  • You can create a wellness that works with your life (not against it).
  • Your curiosity can fuel your wellness.
  • You are worth it.

What You Can Expect.

My sole goal is to empower your free will, YOUR ability to create a wellness right for you, and help you get there!

  • I will provide clear action steps.
  • I will work to make this fun for you, for us.
  • I will empower you to reach sustainable transformation.
  • I will make time for you with our sessions and you will not feel like a number.
  • I will use a wide lens view in considering your food, and not be restrictive in nature.
  • I will rely on natural, holistic, non-invasive strategies in thinking about your health.
  • I will protect and empower your freedom to choose and create your wellness fiercely.
  • I will help you research yourself and gain insight into your body, lifestyle, and the many facets of dynamic wellness.
  • I will be a connector for you to additional resources/providers I see would be useful for you (even if you did not come in seeking it – I want you to at least be aware of your options).


Together We Will.

  • Connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Create a personalized plan.
  • Decipher your body’s unique needs.
  • Set your personal goals and work together towards sustainable transformation.

Partnerships & Experience.

  • I’ll be honest, the stuff below is nice but what I really think is most valuable to our time together are my 4 key principles, my personal story on how I went from being passionate about wellness to actually feeling it AND becoming a mom to 3 (which you can read here),  and my blend of perspectives and approach to food and nutrition (more on that blend and how I really love food right here!).
  • 8+ years in a variety of ethnographic research roles (U.S., Europe, and Asia)
  • Partnership with Thrive Chiropractic and Dr. Pete Haggenjosserving clients since 2008
  • Certification as Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Masters in Diagnosis & Intervention with a specialty in Qualitative Study & Ethnography
  • Evidence Based Birth® Academy – professional member
  • Farmer’s Footprint & Non-Toxic Neighborhoods – Action Support Volunteer
  • Leader & Admin of Cincinnati Homebirth Collaborativeserving since 2016
  • Bachelor’s in Journalism & Communications

Other continuing education:

  • Talking Toxins Certified – Environmental Health Program by Lara Adler
  • Post-Partum Doula – currently studying, and soon to be certified with Maternity Wise
  • Patient Management Solutions for Nutritional Practices – Shannon Roznay, DC
  • Intuitive Eating Permission to Play Program with Nourishing Minds Nutrition