Coaching & Experience

Want to be fiercely nurtured, empowered, & not go it alone?


I work to empower my clients through ongoing support, education, and guidance.  As a certified integrative nutrition health coach, doula, life coach, educator and inner power enthusiast I guide clients to clarify their vision and goals, outline a realistic and holistic plan, and gradual apply and integrate that plan into their life (nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, relationships, & much more).  

My Approach.

When we work together, we will take an approach guided by these carefully selected 4 pillars of thought and ground ourselves in purposeful curiosity and experimentation, rather than “a right vs. wrong way.”

Here’s what I want you to know:

  • Your XYZs that make you YOU, hold the insights to create the best wellness for you.
  • You can make small, simple changes gradually that will create a big impact.
  • You can explore your health and wellness holistically (while aslo being realistic).
  • You can create a wellness that works with your life (not against it).
  • Your curiosity can fuel your wellness.
  • You are worth it.

What You Can Expect.

My sole goal is to empower your free will, YOUR ability to create a wellness right for you, and help you get there!

  • I will provide clear action steps.
  • I will work to make this fun for you, for us.
  • I will empower you to reach sustainable transformation.
  • I will make time for you with our sessions and you will not feel like a number.
  • I will use a wide lens view in considering your food, and not be restrictive in nature.
  • I will rely on natural, holistic, non-invasive strategies in thinking about your health.
  • I will protect and empower your freedom to choose and create your wellness fiercely.
  • I will help you research yourself and gain insight into your body, lifestyle, and the many facets of dynamic wellness.
  • I will be a connector for you to additional resources/providers I see would be useful for you (even if you did not come in seeking it – I want you to at least be aware of your options).


Together We Will.

  • Connect the dots between where you are and where you want to be.
  • Create a personalized plan.
  • Decipher your body’s unique needs.
  • Set your personal goals and work together towards sustainable transformation.

Partnerships & Experience.

  • I’ll be honest, the stuff below is nice but what I really think is most valuable to our time together are my 4 key principles, my personal story on how I went from being passionate about wellness to actually feeling it AND becoming a mom to 3 (which you can read here),  and my blend of perspectives and approach to food and nutrition (more on that blend and how I really love food right here!).
  • 8+ years in a variety of ethnographic research roles (U.S., Europe, and Asia)
  • Partnership with Thrive Chiropractic and Dr. Pete Haggenjosserving clients since 2008
  • Certification as Integrative Health & Nutrition Coach – Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Masters in Diagnosis & Intervention with a specialty in Qualitative Study & Ethnography
  • Evidence Based Birth® Academy – professional member
  • Farmer’s Footprint & Non-Toxic Neighborhoods – Action Support Volunteer
  • Leader & Admin of Cincinnati Homebirth Collaborativeserving since 2016
  • Bachelor’s in Journalism & Communications

Other continuing education:

  • Talking Toxins Certified – Environmental Health Program by Lara Adler
  • Post-Partum Doula – currently studying, and soon to be certified with Maternity Wise
  • Patient Management Solutions for Nutritional Practices – Shannon Roznay, DC
  • Intuitive Eating Permission to Play Program with Nourishing Minds Nutrition