Coaching Postpartum Virtual Village

Remember that saying “it takes a village”?

Where did all the villages go?

Hi, I’m Dina, mom of 3 and likely holding a cold cup of coffee or tea right now.  But here you are and I want to say welcome!  Free WELL Virtual Villages are a new approach to prenatal and postpartum care where we are incorporating holistic and realistic natural care with community and convenience.  You can join from anywhere – all you need is you and your laptop/desktop (and bringing your baby is optional).  Welcome!

Motherhood is a walk unlike any other – and it’s one you don’t have to do alone.


After having 3 children, twin girls and then a son, and navigating the world of baby-raising while doing our best to eat well, and live holistically – while being realistic (I’m sorry , I don’t want to DIY myself to insanity – and I don’t want to spend the time on it!) it became clear to me that:  


  1. Motherhood can be lonely, especially when trying to do things a little differently.
  2. There are SO MANY decisions and ways to go about having a baby and mothering.
  3. At times getting support and ideas NOT from a friend or family member was so needed, especially in knowing and exploring my options!  
  4. The 4th trimester is so real, and I did not invest in my healing and walking into motherhood as much as I was investing in the health and wellbeing of my newborns – and in the end, it affected everyone.
  5. If I had had a consolidated, vetted amount of information and resources at my disposal, and better yet, if that information came in the form of a nourishing conversation, a video, or a text instead of me having to read lengthy books when really all I wanted to do was sleep — well it would’ve helped so much.

Yes, you can get all the books, but actually having your hands and time free to do the digging, especially when you’re new to motherhood, IS HARD!

Just know, you are not alone.


Free WELL Virtual Villages act as a village of postpartum (this time never really ends) moms with an experienced and empathic guide.  This program is meant to aid in a woman’s motherhood journey, as she works to create her reality and really integrate her life (and all the little things) with her wellness and the bigger picture of how she wants to live/parent/be in life.  You’ll enjoy the benefits of 1:1 coaching WITH a community (max of 5 women per group). With a holistic, natural approach from me, Dina – a Holistic Strategy Coach for Life+Wellness, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health practice, postpartum doula, and Evidence-Based Birth professional member and mom of 3 (twin girls + 1 boy).  PLUS, you’ll get special resources specifically designed by myself AND my husband, Dr. Pete the chiropractor – who has been serving moms, families, including newborns since 2008!

My husband, Dr. Pete, and I have such different stories when it comes to our wellness journey but I think it’s those differences that help us best serve women and their families and have a greater appreciation for wherever you are at.

HANNAH big pic
meagan tame chaos

Would you like to…


Connect and learn with other women experiencing the same things as you, creating connections and relationships?


Release the belief that your needs and emotions are not as important as those around you – and instead discover and learn ways you can tend to yourself AND your growing family?


Equip yourself with tools and practices that you (and your family) will use for months, years to come?


Explore tools and practices to help you better integrate life as a mom with the bigger picture of how you want to live/parent/work/be …from time management to mindset?


Be seen, heard, felt, and validated?


Have the benefits of a group community (max of 5 women) while also receiving some special 1 on 1 attention?


Learn ways you can help your body, and your baby’s body heal and thrive naturally?


Release the feeling of having to hold it all together, and let yourself be held in a nourishing community?


Know what wellness care providers are available to you so that you can walk more confidently forward-facing any issue you or your family may have in the future with resources in hand?


Learn ways to connect more deeply with yourself, your baby, your partner during this very transitional time?


Save yourself many hours of Google searches and reading books?


Have resources to share with your partner from the perspective of a natural care provider?


Set strong foundations for yourself, your baby, and your family that will impact the rest of your lives?


Hey there, I want you to know I’m not always smiling.  I just want to get that out there – let your shoulders relax and know that aside from all the picture-perfect moments and baby snuggles, life, the hard stuff, still happens; sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of that when scrolling.  We are all perfectly imperfect beings and my journey was about finding comfort in that while learning ways to empower myself to better rise to and ride out those harder moments because there are always going to be hard moments.


Let me tell you a little about my journey and how a seed was planted.  I’m a woman that didn’t know homebirth was still a thing before ever trying to conceive, to having all my babies at home – I had what I call my “dream team” my OB, my midwives, a doula and my husband the chiropractor – I was a lucky lady.  Please hear me, I don’t care where women choose to have their babies, I just care that they feel supported, empowered, and in control of their bodies wherever they choose to give birth (and beyond birth).  That experience of learning my options, interviewing care providers, seeing and feeling the difference between empowered care vs not empowering care opened me up and planted a seed.  As I navigated my own life changes first having twin girls then a boy, I saw my friends’ lives transitioning alongside my own.  I was constantly thinking about how our wellness, our journey of motherhood are so completely and utterly personal.  Our ability to reach for wellness and thrive in motherhood is tethered to so many personal things from the rhythms of our homes, schedules, childcare options, resources, relationships, our mindset and so much more.


Becoming a mother did so many things for me, and un-did much more.  I went through busy, to overwhelm, a big “pause” (that really wasn’t a pause at all), to realizing and we women – we need to get more curious about ourselves. We have this natural superpower, this innate sense to nurture.  We spend so much time knowing and leaning into caring for others that we neglect ourselves – and it catches up, it always does.  It did for me.  To read about my full story see here.  I’m here because I want to bring more empathy, more curiosity, more integration of holistic care with modern-day living, more empowerment to our daily lives, and especially our walk into motherhood.  Will you join me?

Free WELL Virtual Village Overview

Resources, downloadables, live chats, one-on-one coach time and recommendations, and private group thread access for questions and information 24/7.


****Final Fall 2021 schedule is being finalized as you read this!  Villages will start in September and because so many mamas loved the 1:1 personal session, we will be incorporating more of that into the schedule (so you’ll get 1:1 AND village). Stay tuned for details or join the eager/waitlist and be the first to hear when seats open!

Week 1 – “Me Time”

Here’s where we meet you exactly where you’re at!  You receive an individual 1:1 Clarity Session with Dina via Zoom, which lasts 60 to 90 minutes.  Here we go over

  • Your current state & needs (mental, emotional, physical, health history)
  • Your birth 
  • Questions
  • Goals and what you hope to get out of being within the village
  • **if prenatal/still expecting you’ll receive the Birth Plan Guide + template complete with helpful terminology and resources
  • Beginning to uncover a clear why for self and initial affirmations
  • Resources for you and the village set up


Week 2 – 8: Empowerment Among Peers Like No Other – Within a Village

Weekly nourishment for you without having to organize anything – just come as you are.  This is NOT your typical group offering where you don’t know who and how many will show up.   Nope, this is a small, intimate group (max of 5 women + Dina per group) where you will learn and grow alongside each other – it’s consistent, it’s small, it’s intimate, it’s a nourishing experience – it’s a village.  Weeks 2 through 8 you enjoy weekly Mother WELL Virtual Village Chats where you (babies are welcome to join) can connect, learn, and grow with resources, activities, and community.  You’ll also have access to the private group thread where questions, answers, resources will be posted and you can participate in discussion 24/7 with group members.  Village chats last 60 minutes with support and resources shared between sessions. 


Topics to be covered over weeks 2 – 8 (not exhaustive):



Resources and practices for the mama to help relax, recharge and reset during the motherhood period along with ways to integrate back into life and “doing all the things”.  Learn ways to balance expectations with new demands and practices to manage tasks.



No matter where you are at in your postpartum journey (not there yet, newly pp, or months down the way) you can benefit from learning ways to nourish and replenish your body.  Learn ways to support transitions and motherhood through lifestyle and nutrition.  


BODY SUPPORT FOR YOU AND BABY (for mom, partner, and baby)

Insight from Dr. Pete and Dina on how to best support your body with the demands placed on you, with movement, stretching, and resources to consider.  Also, learn what to look for when it comes to a baby’s body and their neural health and body alignment.



Caring for baby basics, nursing basics, sleep basics and resources, soothing, swaddling, preparing for solids, and more.   



Guided activity with Dr. Pete and Dina on the 4th trimester.  For the partners involved, some story and inspiration as they navigate the 4th trimester (which again, never really ends).  Also, ways to build into your partnership and navigate what it’s like to be parents AND together.



Explore where you’re at in your journey and what comes next for you whether that is staying at home, returning to full or part-time work, looking into nanny/daycare options …we’ll explore how to look ahead, be purposeful and consider ways to best prepare you so you can feel like you are truly creating your reality vs going through the motions of demands never to consider your desires and vision for yourself and family.

Plus, lots of “extras”.


My favorite books, podcasts, Instagram accounts, and movies.

A warm online, private community platform with 24/7 access.

Weekly Chat template for you and your partner to move forward on the same page for years to come.

Special holistic recipes sitz bath, broths, more.

Relationships to last a lifetime.  

Investment & Dates

It’s an investment in your body, your baby, your family, and your future.

****Final Fall 2021 schedule & details are being finalized as you read this!  Villages will start in September and because so many mamas loved the 1:1 personal session, we will be incorporating more of that into the schedule (so you’ll get a little more 1:1 AND village).

Stay tuned for details or join the eager/waitlist and be the first to hear when seats open & investment details!


September start – and we will wrap up before Thanksgiving.

“Me Time” 1:1 sessions will happen ….(more information coming soon!)

Weekly village chats begin in September (stay tuned for final dates)!

$XXX (stay tuned, details coming! payment options available)


Still have questions?  Not sure if it’s the BEST fit for you?  Contact me here and let’s chat, or schedule a free Discovery Call to chat through your questions.

Not ready to commit right now, but want to stay in touch?  Learn about when new groups and offerings become available plus I’ll send ways you can do holistic wellness in realistic ways right to your inbox (don’t worry, I’m super choiceful and won’t fill your box).