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Virtual & In-Person Life + Health Coaching for Women


Are You Ready To Create The Life & Wellness You Desire (and have fun while doing it)?


I created Free WELL to empower YOUR freedom to choose to create the life and wellness you desire, with more intuition, less restriction.  As a professional researcher, change and idea strategist, and a professionally trained Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Life Coach, I partner with women to clarify their vision, break through barriers, and achieve their desires.

As Your Life + Wellness Coach

I Will Help You

  • Identify and increase clarity from where you are to where you want to go
  • Create priorities and action steps to take in a doable and sustainable way
  • Increase your organization and effectiveness with the time you have towards the goals you have
  • Integrate activation strategies into your daily life so you have a process to rely on
  • Learn ways to manage stress and nourish yourself mentally and emotionally
  • Feel more present throughout your day
  • Create more connection within your life and relationships
  • Feel more joy, play and pleasure more consistently
  • Increase your vitality and energy that balances and sustains you throughout your day
  • Create a stronger relationship with your food and body that is based on deep understanding, fun, and pleasure
  • Increase your awareness and knowledge of more natural and holistic options you can rely on
  • Be more informed and empowered when it comes to caring for yourself

Here Are Some Ways We Can Work Together

After your 15-minute complimentary consult, move to 60 minute sessions.  The frequency of sessions will be dependent upon your goals and what we align on.  You do have an option to bundle sessions as well for savings:


  • Focus on the path forward while getting to know yourself like never before
  • Use the crossroads you’re at to create meaningful change in the areas you most want to
  • Have a guide, distilled education, materials distributed in a way that is doable 
  • Learn and implement strategies to activate and work with your hormonal rhythms, brain chemistry, and natural tendencies so you can stick with your path
  • Explore deeply the underlying roots to the roadblocks you may be experiencing and how to work through them
  • Create holistic and realistic habits, boundaries, and priorities specifically for your life
  • Integrate more fun, pleasure, and joy into daily living
  • Take a whole-you approach making it transformation actually possible and sustainable
  • Increase the more life-giving and decrease life-draining, helping you live in alignment

Consult – complimentary

$150 per 60 minute session

Includes coach access in-between sessions for support and accountability/questions as they arise
(want to bundle sessions? ask about pricing)

A coaching experience in-person + virtual that is postpartum-focused, with weekly live sessions (baby/children welcome), education and resources for mind, body, lifestyle, & community.  Open to prenatal (15+ weeks) and postpartum (0+ months) mamas in the Cincinnati/Northern KY area.


  • Direct access and support with your coach and community
  • Be with and learn alongside a community of mamas
  • Learn how to connect with and strengthen your self, body, relationships, and baby more deeply
  • Become a stronger, calmer, more grounded mother
  • Learn practical tools and practices for managing expectations, getting back to movement, baby and mom care, and much more!

Doors Close August 31 – save your seat!

Village Starts Sept. 2023

Check back for the latest on events, talks, and workshops we offer both locally and virtually!  Interested in having Free WELL come to you?  We love to cover topics such as the following:


  • Attending to your whole self and what that means and can look like
  • Creating more intuition and less restriction when it comes to your life, food, and body
  • Vision casting
  • Creating a village and not a city for your health
  • Meal planning is not a one-size-fits all
  • Creating the kind of energy you want in life
  • How and why to research yourself more than you do others
  • Tangled efficiency vs effective flow

Holistic & Realistic Coaching For Women

Here’s the thing, fit matters when it comes to your life+wellness

If we want this to work for you (and I so want you to be successful!) you and me both know that fit matters.  I have to be the right fit for you and vice versa.  On my end, I know there are 3 critical ingredients so we can successfully elevate your wellness:



You must want a proactive approach to your health and wellness.  Notice I didn’t say “you must have…” we can work to establish this approach for you.  Are you interested in holistic and realistic solutions for your wellness?



You must be willing to be coachable. It’s that simple.  Maybe you haven’t had a coach before, and that’s OK – are you willing to be coached?



You must desire growth.  Growth can come in many ways, big and small. Are you ready to consider things maybe you haven’t before?  Are you ready to consider different ways of growing?


If this resonates with you, and you embody the three qualifying factors above, then let’s connect and get started!

I’m Dina

Mom of 3, lover of food, master of laughing to a state of clumsiness, Women’s Coach, empowering through mindset, integrative health & nutrition, and lifestyle so you can create the life+wellness you desire with more intuition and less restriction!  Learn how