FW Postpartum Virtual Village 2.0 w/ Absolute Kinetics

Postpartum Coaching

What If You Empowered Your Postpartum Journey for Days & Years to Come?

Motherhood is a walk unlike any other, full of change physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally and everything in between!  But you don’t have to do alone.

You Can:


→  Have more time for sleep and proper healing

→  Carve out time for yourself (yes, it is possible we will show you how)

→  Have less anxiety and overwhelm

→  Feel more intact and enjoy the journey while you’re on it, connecting with your baby and family

→  Feel connected with a close-knit community from the comforts of home

→  Receive ultimate nourishment, holistic guidance (mom & baby)  from mindset, to body, movement, and breath work and to natural baby care and more


12 weeks of virtual, live coaching with TWO women specialists (plus guest experts) and a powerhouse of a community, when you join a village designed for the very critical time you are in now!

We are so excited to get to know you!
Women’s Holistic Life & Health Coach, doula, and educator, mom of three, Dina Haggenjos Founder of Free WELL
Physical Therapist, orthopedic and pelvic health specialist, mom of two, Dr. Alexis Hutchison Founder of Absolute Kinetics

Holistic care that goes beyond just weekly sessions.


Postpartum Coaching

Go from sometimes feeling shaky, scattered, lonely, and wondering about your new reality, body, relationships and identity, to feeling more empowered, more confident, connected, and equipped for healing and thriving for days and years to come.


It’s Next-Level Postpartum Coaching with guest expert sessions including live Q&A with Dr. Pete Haggenjos of Thrive Chiropractic, and a relationship talk.


Our Promise To The Mamas


You Will …

  • Strengthen and nurture your confidence and intuition as a woman, mother, and partner – helping you build and strengthen foundations for yourself, your baby(s), and family 
  • Learn and equip yourself with ways you can tend to your whole self (body, mind, and lifestyle) for months and years to come
  • Learn ways to “tame the chaos and enjoy life and motherhood more” 
  • Learn ways to connect more deeply with yourself, your baby, your partner during this transitional time
  • Explore practices to help you better integrate life as a mom with the bigger picture of how you want to live/parent/work/be
  • Be seen, heard, felt, validated
  • Learn holistic-centered ways you can help your body and baby’s body heal and thrive naturally.  Including but not limited to:
    • Where to start with your body postpartum and getting back to movement and what kind
    • Pelvic floor understanding, function, and where to begin
    • Postpartum bowel and bladder function (common symptoms, what to look out for, what’s common, and who to see)
    • Diastases recti understanding, and how to mange
    • Demystifying prolapse and how to manage
    • Knowledge of c-section recovery and how that may be affecting your body/movement
    • When to see someone and who to see for common pp and future needs
    • Know good body mechanics in managing mommy injury prevention (mom thumb, back/neck pain, walk/jog with stroller)
    • Baby motor milestones
    • Tools, resources, and understanding to help you continue to build relationship and strengthen your body 
    • Chiropractic care for mom and baby
    • Healing nutrition for mom
    • Preparing baby for foods
  • Connect and learn alongside and from other women in the same season of life
  • Save yourself hours of Google searches and reading 
  • Have fun!

How You Do Postpartum

Can Create a Powerful Ripple

Create a ripple that will serve you and your family for days and years to come – just like Meagan did, mom of triplets who was a member of the first FW Postpartum Village.

Seats are limited to protect the village feel (10 to 15 mamas!).

Claim your spot now, and be a part of a really special community that will receive the ultimate in mama postpartum care.  Live groups begin January 31, 2023 at 10 am EST (weekly lives will be recorded in case you miss it!)

12 – Week Agenda

Virtual Postpartum Coaching

Each week Dina and Dr. Alexis will monitor the group’s needs.  The agenda below is not exhaustive and subject to change based on facilitators’ judgment. 


The curriculum is designed in a way to touch on a mix of body/mind/lifestyle/baby each week.  Village members will receive supplemental information such as guides, virtual trainings/video/audio, short exercises/activities to go along with the focus areas.



Going Beyond “I’m Fine” +  Hydration, Rest, & Breath-Work Postpartum



Owning & Honoring Your Birth Experience & What Was + Pelvic Floor & Scar Healing, Common Postpartum Symptoms & Knowing When To See A PT



Shifting To Our New Becoming With Simple, Daily Ritual + How To Return To Physical Movement



New Becoming Continued & Energy Audit + Common “Mom Aches & Pains” And How to Avoid/Heal



Key Needs Week: Revisit Key Topics & New Ones Popping Up In Group



Facilitated Panel Q&A On Chiropractic & PT Care For Mom & Baby



Avoiding The Comparison Trap & Mindfully Creating Your Village + Baby Motor Milestones & How To Promote Development



Relationship Strengthening Part 1 + Your Body & Sex After Baby



TBD Sex Therapist Facilitated Q&A + Postpartum Bowel, Bladder, & Prolapse Symptoms & Tips



Preparing Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Logistically  to Return to “The Next Thing” (pumping schedules, work/daycare, etc) + Posture Exercises To Reduce PP Tension & How To Work Into Daily Routine



Relationships Part 2 (partner, social, friends, body, etc) + How To Build New Relationship With Body & Core



Key Needs Week, Celebrate, & How To Continue to Deepen Your Journey

What Moms Had to Say

This Program Is Right for You If:

  • You want some inspiration, guidance, and support as you walk into motherhood.
  • You are interested/open to learning more about holistic and integrative postpartum methods.
  • You are seeking insight and ideas on how to care for your own body during pregnancy and after.
  • You are seeking insight and ideas on how to care for your baby and what to expect.
  • You are interested in putting effort into trying to enjoy and learn about this unique time in your life.
  • You’re unsure what to expect in having a baby and those first couple months after.
  • You’d love some inspiration and support from an experienced moms who also have expertise in women’s health, wellness, and their bodies.
  • You’d enjoy exploring primary (non-food) & secondary food areas in relation to motherhood.  
  • You would love the flexibility of working with someone in person or virtually from the comforts of your home (with baby in your lap!).
  • You’re moving fast through life’s demands, and really wanting to just “take a minute”, focus & invest in you and your baby.
  • You’re intrigued by Free Well’s approach and coaching and Absolute Kinetics approach and coaching, and what they could mean for your motherhood journey.

Postpartum Mind, Body, & Lifestyle

healing and getting to knowing

You can get all the books, but actually having your hands and time free to do the digging, especially when you’re new to motherhood, IS HARD!

Meet Your Coaches

Dina Haggenjos

MA, Holistic Life + Health Coach, Cert. Integrative Nutrition & Health, PP Doula, Founder of Free WELL & mom to twins girls+1 boy + Moon River dog


Dina has always had a passion for a crossroads and creating meaningful change within them.  She works alongside her clients to help them identify their goals and intentions, break-down barriers, and create the life and wellness they desire rooted in themselves.  For over ten years Dina worked in research and innovation for large mega-brands and within organizations. Her first pregnancy with twins was life-changing and planted the seeds for Free WELL which she founded later in 2020. 


Dina understands the struggles between knowing and actually doing and feeling. Her expertise and study of empathic innovation, integrative nutrition and health for women, intuitive and mindful eating, functional nutrition, conscious leadership, cycle of change, habit formation, mindset and meditation are weaved into her work.  Dina & her husband, Dr. Pete, & their three kids live in Cincinnati, where they also own Thrive Chiropractic. Dina holds a Master’s degree in diagnosis and intervention, & certifications from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, Environmental Toxins, intuitive eating, and is an Evidenced-Based Birth® professional member and advocate for empowered care.

Alexis Hutchison

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, Founder of Absolute Kinetics, Pelvic Floor & Postpartum Specialist, Mom to 2 boys + 2 dogs


Alexis is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a board certified Orthopedic Specialist. Alexis has worked in a variety of settings, but has always been most passionate about orthopedics. After several years working in fast paced clinics and seeing the frustrations many patients faced with traditional physical therapy, Alexis founded Absolute Kinetics in 2018 to provide a higher level and more personalized physical therapy experience.


After having her first son in 2019, Alexis began learning more about pelvic floor physical therapy and the importance of evaluating the pelvic floor during pregnancy, postpartum, and for those experiencing orthopedic pain or injury. Alexis has completed pelvic floor courses through Herman & Wallace, as well as the Pregnancy and Postpartum Masterclass through the New England Pelvic Doc Collective. Alexis is passionate about teaching new moms how to support and care for their bodies, and how to safely and confidently return to movement and exercise.

All-Virtual Postpartum Coaching + Community

The power of community with holistic and integrative health and healing practices

(and convenience – join from anywhere!).

Would You Like To


Connect and learn with other women experiencing the same things as you, creating connections and relationships?


Release the belief that your needs and emotions are not as important as those around you – and instead discover and learn ways you can tend to yourself AND your growing family?


Equip yourself with tools and practices that you (and your family) will use for months, years to come?


Explore tools and practices to help you better integrate life as a mom with the bigger picture of how you want to live/parent/work/be …from time management to mindset?


Be seen, heard, felt, and validated?


Have the benefits of a group community (max of 5 women) while also receiving some special 1 on 1 attention?


Learn ways you can help your body, and your baby’s body heal and thrive naturally?


Release the feeling of having to hold it all together, and let yourself be held in a nourishing community?


Know what wellness care providers are available to you so that you can walk more confidently forward-facing any issue you or your family may have in the future with resources in hand?


Learn ways to connect more deeply with yourself, your baby, your partner during this very transitional time?


Save yourself many hours of Google searches and reading books?


Have resources to share with your partner from the perspective of a natural care provider?


Set strong foundations for yourself, your baby, and your family that will impact the rest of your lives?

Your Investment

Live sessions begin Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 10 EST – seats are limited to protect the integrity of the village feel

**We might add a second group if there is enough demand

Have Questions?  Want to Learn More?  Watch the Live Q&A with Dina and Dr.  Alexis

Postpartum Extras

Village Coaching Bonuses


Favorite books, podcasts, Instagram accounts, and movies.

A warm online, private community Telegram thread with 24/7 access.

Breath and body work guidance and techniques specific to your needs.

Weekly Chat template for you and your partner to move forward on the same page for years to come.

Recipes, sitz bath guides, broths, more.

Relationships to last a lifetime.  

Still have questions?  Not sure if it’s the BEST fit for you?  Contact me here and let’s chat, or schedule a free Discovery Call to chat through your questions.


Why I Created Free WELL Postpartum Villages


Motherhood can be lonely, especially when seeking to do things a little differently.  There are SO MANY decisions and ways to go about having a baby and mothering.


At times getting support and ideas NOT from a friend or family member is so needed, especially in knowing and exploring options so you can figure out what is right for you!  


The 4th trimester is so real, and I did not invest in my healing and walking into motherhood as much as I was investing in the health and wellbeing of my newborns – and in the end, it affected everyone until I began really investing in myself. 


If I had had a consolidated, vetted amount of information and resources at my disposal in the form of a nourishing conversation, a video, or a text instead of me having to read lengthy books when really all I wanted to do was sleep — well it would’ve helped so much.


So here we are, this is what I wish I would’ve had.  I want moms to have a place they can turn to, a corner of time and space carved out to be nurtured so that they can not only care for themselves better (as life gets fuller) but also be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at them while also loving on those babies!

Free, Instant-Access Postpartum Training


In this 55-minute, The Truth About Postpartum: what kind of ripple do you want to create? free coaching download, Dina will motivate you with story and wisdom as she shares her #1 postpartum aha you really want to consider for your pp sanity, health, and wellbeing PLUS 2 key questions you want to be asking prenatal/postpartum to really have an impact on your life (and your family’s) for years to come.