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A well runs dry when parts of it are neglected but it does not have to be this way

Hi, I’m Dina.

I’m so glad you’re here, taking this intentional time to pause and consider “what next?”  You [generally] have your life together but perhaps you (like I was) are at a crossroads, a moment in time where you find yourself thinking about how you want to live, eat, be in this world and how you’d really like to finally crack the code on making the changes you’ve always dreamt about.  And maybe you’re also feeling “but how can I add another thing to my plate!?”


I hear you, and I just want you to know, these crossroad moments (new job, empty nest, pregnancy, postpartum, burnout …whatever they are for you) are powerful moments ripe for sustainable changes once you combine the right approach that is rooted in all of you (not just parts).  I love these moments and helping women clarify their vision and break through barriers.

I guide women who are at a crossroads and are seeking a sustainable, holistic, all-of-them approach to up-level the areas of their lives they most desire.


Below are some ways we can work together!

When you attend to all of you (and not just parts) that’s when things start falling into place.  I know that idea may seem really difficult, maybe unrealistic right now – but don’t worry, I’ll be with you every step of the way.


Free WELL coaching services and resources are born from my own personal experience, my love of curiosity and fascination and expertise in strategic thinking, digging deeper, and holistic and integrative health and nutrition in order to create meaningful change, more freedom, and greater connection to ourselves.

The “know better, do better” approach is not enough. 

We often DO know better, but it does not mean we actually do the thing – or stick with it.


Sam’s Journey

Dina COMPLETELY changed my life.  Her work with me addressed some decades-long battles I’ve had with food—some I wasn’t even aware of.I will forever be changed for the better because of our work, and because I’ll be a healthier mom, so will my son.  The plethora of information provided was so helpful.  I got clarity on my beliefs as a mother. Complete change in diet to one that feels intuitive and healthful for my body and brain!  My favorite part was our calls!


Beth’s Journey

Dina taught me to appreciate me. To instill healthier habits, create balance and accountability that I was struggling to find as a full time working mom.Through my journey with Dina I’ve learned how rewarding it can be to set aside time for my mental and physical self and be the best version of me possible. It has been such an amazing experience to have Dina as a resource and mentor.I finally can understand how certain habits have amazing rewards. I feel more together, but less stressed. One of my goals was to have balance. I feel as if I have a healthier routine than I did before the start. I’ve also learned to appreciate my body and love it the way it is versus thinking I need to fit a certain image! – Beth Cornella, 7 years postpartum

Beth Cornella

Britt’s Prenatal Journey

I feel more confident with my birth plan, the products that I’m buying for me and baby, and my fear around labor in general.Outside of all the great resources and emotional support, I really appreciated the little things that I didn’t think I needed to think about.Dina is easy to talk to, positive, and detail-oriented with a depth of knowledge around prenatal, nutrition, and body anatomy. – Britt Burger, prenatal 1:1 client

Britt Burger

Meagan’s Journey

I joined this program 11 months after having my triplets.  I was feeling overwhelmed and both mentally and physically exhausted. Dina’s coaching and resources helped me find ways to fine-tune our daily and weekly routines so that I could have some much-needed downtime and space to focus on my marriage.  She is an amazing coach and her program has been the best thing I have done since becoming a mom! It’s been so good not only for me, but also for my family. – Meagan, 11 months postpartum with triplets


Create YOUR Way of Life.

Free WELL was born under the belief that each of us has the freedom to choose and create the life and wellness we want.  The life and wellness YOU want is unique to YOU!

Ditch the idea that success looks one way, and find out what it looks like for you.

Aligned to My Wants + Desires =  My Way of Life

The Blog.

An imperfectly perfect space.

Things are easy to know, but harder to actually do.  The Free WELL Blog is where we explore being human in relation to being (and feeling) well.


Free WELL Offerings.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup" but you also can’t begin to fill the cup if what’s needed is unknown, does not suit you, OR you just can't seem to keep it filled!  Let’s find out what filling your cup looks like for you and how to keep it flowing in a sustainable way.


Free WELL Food.

On Approach & Nutrition, hear more about my blend of perspectives and gentle nutrition.  At Free WELL Recipes, find good food in good time recipes.  Time is my biggest currency, and I’m not giving hours of it to cook!


My Favorite

You know when you’ve found that thing, that thing that’s made all the difference and you can’t wait to share it with the next person? Here’s where I share everything I have tasted OR tested and loved, from my family’s favorite food and drinks, to kitchen gadgets, to storage, clothes, beauty and skin, and more!

I’m Dina

Mom of 3, lover of food, master of laughing to a state of clumsiness, Women’s Coach, empowering through mindset, integrative health & nutrition, and lifestyle so you can create the life+wellness you desire with more intuition and less restriction!  Learn how

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