Reach Your Goals, Keep Your Peace.

Are you a female leader, business owner, or entrepreneur who asks:

  • How can I reach the goals and ambitions I have for my career while not sacrificing my sense of peace?


  • How can I take my strength for meaning and depth and translate that to action, results, and impact in my work and career in a timely manner?


  • What will create the most meaningful (and effective) impact?


  • What would it be like to be among a close-knit group of other women (10 max, ongoing relationships) all working on their growth and development while supporting one another?  How could those consistent relationships, energy, and accountability elevate me?

Progress & Peace is designed to empower you at work: as an owner, leader, employee, as a colleague, and in your home and inner world.

“If it costs you your peace, it is too expensive.”

– Paulo Coelho

The Progress & Peace Mastermind is for female business owners, and leaders to come together monthly for:

High-impact, curated content and facilitated trainings to elevate your leadership and businesses in a way that acknowledges how to stay aligned to your needs and sense of self

Genuine community and relationships that will grow (10 women max)

Coaching customized to your needs with content and resources just when you need them

Bringing together female ambitious leaders who are determined to achieve their goals and thrive both personally and professionally.

Progress & Peace is an indispensable tool for any female leader who wants to love their work, thrive at it, and reach their highest goals–while staying true to themselves.

Ideas are easy.  

Execution is hard.

Consistency is harder.


Having a consistent, curated group of female support that “gets it” while receiving tools and resources for execution makes it easier.

Seeking Progress

having a strong desire and determination to succeed, move the needle, create impact, see results


Seeking Peace

 having a strong desire for stillness, spaciousness, calmness, being untroubled


Progress & Peace Members

holders of a deep desire and determination to do meaningful work creating real impact AND results WITH an equal desire, determination, (and need) for spaciousness, calmness, alignment


“Action and growth compound, but so do fear and comfort. You’re either compounding forward or digging deeper into your comfort zone. You choose.”

– Justin Welsh

I’m Dina Haggenjos.  I am a coach, consultant, facilitator, and ethnographer by training – strategic thinker, adept connector, with an insatiable curiosity and commitment to learn.


With 16 years of experience spanning consulting, market and behavioral research, facilitation, coaching, brand and innovation work with a variety of clients from one-on-one, small teams and businesses, to Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble, Gap Inc, & Kraft – I LOVE helping individuals and teams get to where they want to go, and I LOVE that feeling and spaciousness of alignment and stillness.

My approach is integrative and combines behavioral and org science with innovation, branding, and holistic practices.  I own and operate two small businesses with my husband Pete in Cincinnati. I hold a Master’s in Organizational Diagnosis & Intervention and behavioral study, am a Certified Five Capitals Business & Leadership Coach.


Thank you for being here!


More about me here and all services offered – or read what others had to say on the Testimonials Page.

Progress & Peace is a movement.

One of the greatest gifts a woman can have is a powerful community that has her back where she can feel seen, heard, understood and empowered.  Read my full Open Letter to Ambitious & Stillness Seeking Women in Business below – here’s to progress and peace!

Are you ready for a mastermind group that is tailored for determined, ambitious female leaders who also want to keep their sense of peace?

Are you ready to align your business efforts with your true nature while driving results?


Are you ready to experience training, resources, facilitated experiences designed with you in mind to enhance your leadership and business skills?


Are you ready to grow among and with a concentrated community?


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