Hi, I’m Dina.

Whether an individual, team, or small business I LOVE helping others create more alignment, so they may SOAR and make the impact and advancements they want!


This page is all about hearing from others, and their experience working with me.  If you’d like to start at the beginning visit the homepage, otherwise keep reading – and I’m glad you’re here!

“It was pretty revolutionary”

– Hear from Alex Crumb, Associate Merchandise Mngr., mom of 1

 – Hear from Lÿden Foust, CEO Spatial.ai

“I can say without a doubt I grew more in my six months working with Dina than any other time [at company]. She has a talent for seeing her team’s capabilities, challenging them to be better and caring for them along the way. She took my personal development seriously and taught me how to work collaboratively as a team player rather than a solo-preneur. This ultimately grew me as a person, she takes this time with each individual and that is why her teams are great.”

– Hear from Emily, Product Development Scientist, mom of 2

“I remember struggling so much the first time going through postpartum and working.  This time.  I knew I was struggling with kids in different life stages and that adjustment, my family’s different needs, and I was also struggling with work – a lot of decisions there. 

I’m feeling so much momentum to keep working on myself and beyond just my work but also physically, emotionally, nutrition, intuition etc so that I can be the best I can for me and my family. I want to continue to learn and grow to live in alignment with my values and vision.  I feel calmer and more grounded after working with Dina.  I love how you integrated so many topics into our time.  The resources have been so helpful and I refer back to them, I especially liked the one on one meetings.”  

– Hear from Cheryl, Senior Manager, P&G, empty nester

“I had tried so many things, this was different!  I had been struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, inability to stick with things and reach the goals I wanted, professionally and personally. The personal touch and the holistic care and energy have been more beneficial than I can express.

You [Dina] are able to gently challenge typical thinking patterns and link them to my goals in a way that enables change. The work we do has enabled me to move forward in a fresh and fabulous way! You [Dina] have given me the fluidity when I have needed it to break from expectations so that I can continue to learn via that fluidity versus feeling like a failure.  Dina has a personal and professional style that immediately put me at ease and opened the door for exploration. Her all-of-you approach has been more beneficial to me than anything I’ve tried in the past. Forever grateful.” 


– Hear from Meagan Yee, Adjunct Professor, mom of 3

“I joined Dina’s program 11 months after having my triplets. I was feeling overwhelmed and both mentally and physically exhausted. 

She is an amazing coach and her program has been the best thing I have done since becoming a mom.  It’s been so good not only for me, but also for my family.  It’s been over two years since coaching with her and my family and I continuously refer back to what I learned and the tools received while working with Dina.” 


– Hear from Michael Kuremsky, Brand Strategy Consultant, Professor, Former VP Global Brand Leader Skincare/Olay


“Dina is an excellent innovation consultant with rich expertise in human insight development and then activating that work into brand and innovation ideas. She has both a strong strategic understanding of how consumer brands work and a deep curiosity for the consumers her brand partners serve. Armed with unique insight tools, personal creativity and a bias to action, Dina would be a great choice to design and lead insight and innovation work for brands who want to discover and act on new tensions and emotional insights. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Hear from Austin Perry, Associate Director, Lab Partnerships

“I invested in hiring Dina as a coach after having my first child and navigating the waters of life both personally and professionally.  I was feeling frazzled, and less confident and I was preparing to return to work full-time.  After receiving coaching and guidance from Dina, I became more grounded, confident, and able to navigate life and all its many facets.  Her approach is comprehensive, realistic and applicable.  She provided a safe space for growth to happen, taught me resources, ideas and practices to make my own and helped me integrate them into life.  Her concepts and teachings around living in alignment to your vision and values have been especially helpful for both myself and my family.  If you’re overwhelmed, facing new challenges, decisions, or emotions – and the weight of all those things, Dina is an incredible guide.  She provides options to work with her and get help that makes sense for you.  I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Dina again to work through questions/needs as they arise and receive coaching towards continued growth and alignment.”

Working with Dina was an absolute delight! We covered all of the expected topics and others I had never even considered! I felt the content and resources were very comprehensive. The 1:1 with Dina was excellent! I am more confident because of our work together, and I feel empowered and prepared!

— Katie, Mom of 2, Strategy & Operations

“I knew I needed something different.  Her work takes a unique, whole-person approach and gets to the roots, which I hadn’t done before.  Also, English is my second language, and I was worried things would be lost but it was easy to follow along and Dina is so patient.  I loved the resources and coaching which has helped me be more organized, more productive with my time and be able to do the things I want to do.  I am feeling supported and understood, and I would definitely recommend working with her!”

Andrea from Brazil, Education, mom of 2

“Dina has taught me to appreciate me. To instill healthier habits, create balance and accountability that I was struggling to find as a full time working mom. Through my journey with Dina I’ve learned how rewarding it can be to set aside time for my mental and physical self and be the best version of me possible both at home and at work. It has been such an amazing experience to have Dina as a resource and mentor. I finally can understand how certain habits have amazing rewards. I feel more together, but less stressed. One of my goals was to have balance. I feel as if I have a healthier routine than I did before the start, and have made great progress on my overall wellness!”  – Beth Brigger, Business Operations Director, mom of 1

I enjoyed collaborating with Dina on our research project. She is very detailed and timely in presenting the results. She works through challenges to deliver what we need, when we need it. The timeline was difficult and she was able to execute with great insights. I highly recommend Dina for any project you might be considering. You’ll get professional and personal attention!


— Carolyn Corporon, VP Marketing Beauty Systems Group

More testimonials …

“COMPLETELY changed my life.  Her work with me addressed some decades-long battles I’ve had with food—some I wasn’t even aware of. I will forever be changed for the better because of our work, and because I’ll be a healthier mom, so will my son. The plethora of information was so helpful.  I got clarity on my beliefs as a mother. A complete change in diet to one that feels intuitive and healthful for my body and brain!” –Sam Parker, business owner, copywriter


“I was feeling a little lonely and didn’t know where to find a “village” to use as resource and turn to with current experiences. Social media and finding like-minded people is great and all but it isn’t like having people in your community come together to talk and share real life experiences with.  Now after I am even more empowered. I love that I received so many great resources to use and refer back to but also gained a beautiful experience with other moms and women who also wanted to find community and dive deeper into learning how to be the best for ourselves and families. Dina is incredible. She goes above and beyond and offers so much in her services. I loved that you covered so many topics in our scheduled groups but even more so in our chat. I loved the conversations in the group chat that became a great extension to the meetings. It allowed for so much more information to be shared and discussed.”  — Karlee McHale Nikulus, education


“Coaching with Dina was an amazing experience for me! The groundwork put into the program that Dina runs is one that has you evaluate your lifestyle and put thoughtfulness into practice. Putting into words a family’s vision and habits that can be formed to live truer to them was crucial during a vulnerable time like experiencing motherhood for the first time. The program was incredible to say the least. It was my first time working within a group coaching program, that aspect was helpful to feel connected and supported through difficult weeks. Or to be able to offer encouraging words while they are having a tougher week, enables the womanhood community one is promised as they become a mom.  Dina’s coaching is supportive, strategic, mindful & essential. I highly recommend it!!”  

– Alexandra Crumb, Associate Merchandising Manager


Dina went the extra mile to help me and another colleague of mine improve our soft skills from working directly with clients (that were much older than us) to improving how we do our direct work.  These were the skills we needed to actually be confident at our job and move ahead.

–Danny, consulting


“I was a participant in just a one-hour workshop/talk Dina led.  In just one hour I left with a really different perspective versus the one I was holding and using in my day-to-day life.  I was different than when I came in, and for the better!”

Elizabeth R.

What I Offer

Create alignment, and soar.



I have 16 years of experience spanning consulting, market and behavioral research, facilitation, coaching, brand and innovation work with a variety of clients from one-on-one, small teams and businesses, to Fortune 500 companies like Procter & Gamble (and a variety of their brands such as CoverGirl, Olay, SK-II, Tampax, Always, Gillette, Pampers, Tide, Secret, etc) , Gap Inc (Athleta, Banana Republic), & Kraft Foods.  


No matter the project or person, I LOVE the process of finding alignment unique to that situation, and helping to create positive impact.  When you have alignment and are working towards the advancements you’ve had your heart set on, you feel like you are soaring – and everything is just a little bit clearer, a little bit easier, and makes a lot more sense!

Let’s Work Together

My coaching approach is integrative and combines behavioral and org science with innovation, branding, and holistic practices.  As a former senior-level Account Director, mama to three, and wife, I understand the juggling and challenges one can face in creating positive momentum within their own team, with their clients, and their own lives.  Today, along with my husband, I own and operate two small businesses.  I hold a Master’s in Organizational Diagnosis & Intervention and behavioral study, am a Certified Five Capitals Coach,, a certified doula, and a Certified Integrative Health and Nutrition Coach – needless to say, I love helping the whole person (women and men).

I provide a variety of coaching and consulting services both in-person and virtually.