Empower your motherhood and your life.


Open to Prenatal + Postpartum Women

“Your approach is holistic, realistic and applicable. You provide not only a safe space to gather and share ideas/issues but you provide tools and resources to use along the journey. The topics and resources covered are digestible by mothers across the spectrum and something that can be implemented to whatever degree they find most meaningful at that given time and referenced in the future.”

– AUSTIN, joined 2 months postpartum


  • You want your baby to thrive of course, but you really want more – you want to build a foundation for you and your family’s health and lifestyle that can serve you now and evolve with you over the years and changing needs.
  • You have ideas for life and your motherhood but you’re uncertain on how to get to where you want to go.
  • You are curious about holistic and more natural options but unsure where to start – you want doable and also not to be told there’s “one right way”.
  • Sometimes you feel overwhelmed – like you’re in a race that despite your best efforts you can’t seem to get out of.
  • You can’t help it, you want (and need) it all this season of life.  You want connection, real conversation with humans in the same room BUT you also need the convenience of online sessions for when you just can’t make it.  You want to choose!
  • You would love to be connected with resources, practices, experts to help you live in alignment and feel and be full of vitality.  You want to learn and flex those practices in a safe environment while figuring out which seem most helpful to you.

Experience what past village members call “comprehensive” and “incredibly empowering now and for years to come” with this 10 week coaching experience.


You can let life steer you in any which way and “power through”

OR you can empower yourself with a village of care tailored just for you that will evolve with (and for you), for years to come.

  • A holistic approach mind, body, nutrition, lifestyle+
  • Weekly community, connection, & real help carved out and distilled for you
  • Grow relationships with like-minded mamas seeking healthy options, a safe space to learn and grow
  • The FW Postpartum Resources & Guides rooted in holistic care to serve you for days & years – making it easy to implement and modify
  • Spotlight topics + Expert Guests (sleep, chiropractic, pelvic function, strength and movement, relationships, and much more)
  • Private messaging thread for community & realtime support
  • Bonuses: Prenatal Guides + optional 1:1 session exclusive village rate



Not just a group, it is holistic care.

During this 10-week experience prenatal and postpartum mamas within the village receive education, resources & discussion on (but not limited to):

Foundational Groundwork, Restore & Refocus

  • Intentions, raising awareness, establishing rhythms and expectations
  • Finding clarity for oneself, values, vision now and then
  • Processing what just happened and laying foundation for future
  • Key concepts and frameworks to drive clarity and organization, sense of self, and ease
  • Nutrition postpartum, easy power-packed recipes and guides


Partner and Relationship

  • Invisible labor load 
  • Key practices and guidance on getting into a better flow together
  • Sex and the relationship postpartum
  • Family alignment through vision, values, and more
  • Introduction to driving connection through 


Babycare Basics to Thrive

  • Key sleep practices for baby (discussed throughout, plus special instruction from pediatric sleep consultant Sara)
  • Holistic approach to feeding baby solids (easy to follow 19 pg guide by age)
  • Nursing basics, swaddling, soothing, key tools/practices/products
  • Working through routines and schedule
  • Childcare exploration and preparation: for daycare/nanny/family care – interview guide 
  • Preparing for what next – transition to pumping & schedule, need-to-think-abouts


Additional Mind & Body – Special Instruction & Workshops

  • Accessing Movement & Strength Within My Unique Life In-Person Workshop
    • Education + Hands-On Instruction by personal trainers and founders Sarah Buckley and Andrew Kassen of Prevail Strength x Movement.
    • Life requires movement and strength BUT, how do we access it? What is best for me, and where I’m at physically/mentally/emotionally/logistically?  HOW DO I EVEN BEGIN? 
    • Sarah and Andrew with Prevail Movement x Strength will be focusing on practical and accessible ways for you to get started/progress no matter your starting point (with or without baby present).
  • Chiropractic for Mom & Baby, with Dr. Pete of Thrive Chiropractic Center
    • Dr. Pete will lead discussion and Q&A on chiro for the whole family, alignment and posture stretches/tools/products (from baby shoes to pillows), and more – this in-person session will allow for guided work and instruction like more of a workshop style format and babies are welcome of course!
  • Sex & Relationship Postpartum guided discussion & Q&A with therapist Emily Lacy of Aligning Intimacy *plus a downloadable guide for you and your partner
    • Emily will talk us through some of the key pain points and steps to help along with addressing direct questions/concerns from the group bringing her extensive knowledge and expertise for this special virtual village session
    • Downloadable resource and exercises for you and your partner to reintegrate into emotional/physical intimacy during any time 
  • Pelvic floor function and recovery with Dr. Tyler of Beyond Exercise
    • Dr. Tyler will lead discussion and Q&A on pelvic health and strengthen postpartum no matter the stage you’re in – this in-person session will allow for guided work and instruction like more of a workshop style format and babies are welcome of course!
  • Pediatric Sleep Consultant Sara special instruction on sleep for baby plus Q&A from Elite Nanny
  • Guided meditation and stress management practices integrated throughout the 10 weeks

A well runs dry when parts of it are neglected, but it doesn’t have to be this way.


“I joined this program 11 months after having my triplets. I was feeling overwhelmed and both mentally and physically exhausted.

Dina’s coaching and resources helped me find ways to fine-tune our daily and weekly routines so that I could have some much-needed downtime and space to focus on my marriage. Dina is an amazing coach and her program has been the best thing I have done since becoming a mom. It’s been so good not only for me, but also for my family. feel so much better now that I’ve started changing my mindset and I feel much calmer and at ease. I am enjoying my babies so much more and our family is truly starting to thrive. Yes, I would recommend it!”


“…Dina, Two years later and I am STILL revisiting the resources you shared and the things we discussed! I am so grateful our paths crossed! Thank you for helping me gain confidence as a mother while also making me time. What we did has had a ripple effect on our family.”



Joined at 11 months postpartum

“I was seeking to connect with others on motherhood and what the journey has been like for them. I was feeling caught up in the daily race.”

“Now that it’s over I feel sad it’s over! But extremely empowered. This was more than I imagined – my expectations were blown away. I would have as support during the most challenging time of my life. I knew postpartum was going to be my mountain, I thought maybe a few therapy sessions and I would be able to talk through it. This was so much better! I was able to allow myself room to grow in a graceful way and articulate my thoughts and feelings using the resources and exercises from this experience. I feel acquainted and in step with myself again. I thought she would hide a little longer, but she’s here and has been. We just needed time to process everything. What was especially helpful was the introduction of women’s healthcare and becoming familiar with care options. Conversations of family dynamics were conveniently timed. It really helped me get purposeful with my family and will forever make sure we are communicating to the same tune and not getting caught up in the rat race. Everything was very easy to access and save. “


ALEX CRUMB, Mom of 1

Joined at 5 months postpartum 

“I was feeling a little lonely and didn’t know where to find a “village” to use as resource and turn to with current experiences. Social media and finding like-minded people is great and all but it isn’t like having people in your community come together to talk and share real life experiences with.

Now after I am even more empowered with my intuition. I love that I received so many great resources to use and refer back to but also gained a beautiful experience with other moms and women who also wanted to find community and dive deeper into learning how to be the best moms to our babies. Dina is She is incredible. She goes above and beyond and offers so much in her services. I loved that you covered so many topics in our scheduled groups but even more so in our chat. I loved the conversations in the group chat that became a great extension to the meetings. It allowed for so much more information to be shared and discussed.” 


Joined 18 weeks pregnant

Join The Village Today

Seats are limited to protect the village feel.

Weekly In-Person / Virtual Sessions

At the Seven Hills Field House in Madisonville (off I-71 & Madison Rd)

5528 Bufler Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45227

This group’s coaching sessions will alternate between meeting in-person and virtually.  

10 AM Wednesdays

Sessions are 100 minutes (60 min main content + Q&A + community).


Week #1 Virtual Welcome & Support Kickoff: Sept 4-8


Weekly Village Live Sessions

Sept 13 (in-person)

Sept 20 (virtual)

Sept 27 (in-person)

Oct 4 (in-person)

**with Dr. Pete and Dina

Oct 11(virtual)

Oct 25 (in-person)

**with personal trainers Sarah Buckley and Andrew Kassen, and Dina.

Nov 2 (virtual)

**with therapist Emily Lacy and Dina

Nov 9 (in-person)


Week #10 Virtual Support Week:  Nov 13-16


5 in-person group sessions PLUS 3 virtual group sessions + 2 additional online support weeks with your coach and community


$199 full payment or

$75 per month for 3 months

Still have questions?  Not sure if it’s the BEST fit for you?  Contact me here and let’s chat, or schedule a free Discovery Call to chat through your questions.

After Mama WELL Village You’ll


Allow yourself room to grow, feel held and yet empowered in a way that will leave you feeling and knowing that “you’ve got this” because at the end of the day – it will be you and your family. 


You’ll be equipped with tools and practices, time to actually flex those muscles and put them to use.  With the help of your village and Dina you’ll be on your way to more calm and connection!


Celebrate this big step you took as you sit back with family with newfound knowledge of options, tools, health practices and people to have in your tool belt ready for when/if you need them.

“I remembered struggling through postpartum the first time and knew having a support group with others going through the same stage of life would be helpful. Now with my second, I was struggling with winter and adjusting to life with two kids at different stages of life and different needs. I was also struggling with whether I was going to go back to work or not. I was looking for both community and advice/support on parenting and postpartum.

I’m feeling so much momentum. I love how you focus on both baby and mom and all of the things- Recovery, PT, chiropractic, diet, helping with questions as they arise, working on your intuition and mind, values and the list goes on. As well as feeling part of a community and not alone. I want to continue to learn and live in alignment. I feel calmer and grounded.”


My Promise 


You Will …

  • Strengthen and nurture your confidence and intuition as a woman, mother, and partner – helping you build and strengthen foundations for yourself, your baby(s), and family 
  • Learn and equip yourself with ways you can tend to your whole self (body, mind, and lifestyle) for months and years to come
  • Learn ways to “tame the chaos and enjoy life and motherhood more” 
  • Learn ways to connect more deeply with yourself, your baby, your partner during this transitional time
  • Explore practices to help you better integrate life as a mom with the bigger picture of how you want to live/parent/work/be
  • Be seen, heard, felt, validated
  • Learn holistic-centered ways you can help your body and baby’s body heal and thrive naturally.  Including but not limited to:
    • Movement postpartum (spotlight topic with expert guest)
    • Pelvic floor function, and where to begin (spotlight topic with expert guest)
    • Baby motor milestones
    • Chiropractic care for mom and baby
    • Healing nutrition for mom
    • Holistic approach to preparing baby for solids
  • Connect and learn alongside and from other women in the same season of life
  • Save yourself hours of Google searches and reading 
  • Have fun!

How You Do Postpartum

Can Create a Powerful Ripple

Create a ripple that will serve you and your family for days and years to come – just like Meagan did, mom of triplets who was a member of the first FW Postpartum Village.

Dina Haggenjos


MA, Holistic Life + Health Coach for Women, Cert. Integrative Nutrition & Health, PP Doula, & mom to twins girls+1 boy + Moon River dog


Dina has always had a passion for a crossroads and creating meaningful change within them.  She works alongside her clients to help them identify their goals and intentions, break-down barriers, and create the life and wellness they desire rooted in themselves.

Dina understands the struggles between knowing and actually doing and feeling. Her expertise and study of human behavior, change management, empathic innovation, integrative nutrition and health for women, intuitive and mindful eating, functional nutrition, conscious leadership, mindset and meditation are weaved into her work.


“Working with Dina was an absolute delight! We covered all the expected topics and so many others I had never even considered. The program helped me in so many ways. It helped my relationship with my husband by being more intentional and gave us practical ideas and strategies to implement. I loved getting new batches of content each week that was made for me.  I am more confident because of our work together, and I feel empowered and prepared for the challenges ahead!”


“This program and Dina’s coaching covers all aspects from postpartum, household management, emotions, relationship – and so much more. I would strongly recommend to other moms!




Having a village, is so much better, so much richer in experience.

Still have questions?  Not sure if it’s the BEST fit for you?  Contact me here and let’s chat, or schedule a free Discovery Call to chat through your questions.


Why I Created Mama WELL Villages by Free WELL


Motherhood can be lonely, especially when seeking to do things a little differently.  There are SO MANY decisions and ways to go about having a baby and mothering.


At times getting support and ideas NOT from a friend or family member is so needed, especially in knowing and exploring options so you can figure out what is right for you!  


The 4th trimester is so real, and I did not invest in my healing and walking into motherhood as much as I was investing in the health and wellbeing of my newborns – and in the end, it affected everyone until I began really investing in myself. 


If I had had a consolidated, vetted amount of information and resources at my disposal in the form of a nourishing conversation, a video, or a text instead of me having to read lengthy books when really all I wanted to do was sleep — well it would’ve helped so much.


So here we are, this is what I wish I would’ve had.  I want moms to have a place they can turn to, a corner of time and space carved out to be nurtured so that they can not only care for themselves better (as life gets fuller) but also be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at them while also loving on those babies!