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Below you’ll find all the links to the products and services I highly recommend in my FREE Mom’s the Word Registry Guide. If you haven’t yet gotten this FREE guide click the button below!  I know they’re not as cute as a dozen fleece blankets, but they will definitely empower you more as a human and as a parent!

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Before I started Free Well I knew I wanted its path to cross with something special, something I believe is at the root of our wellness.  That something is quality food.  Quality food depends on soil quality and farming practices where the seed of hope for health and wellness, quite literally starts.  So I am donating 3% of total affiliate net commissions to a movement I believe is doing amazing work to help heal our world and that is the Farmer’s Footprint.  

If you are like me you have struggled with feeling helpless when it comes to some of our world’s greatest, systemic problems – like our food quality and agriculture practices.  Supporting the Farmer’s Footprint is supporting progress through awareness, education, and economics – it’s actually going to make a dent folks and I could not be happier with what they are doing!

So how does this work?  

The content below contains affiliate links and codes to products that I love, which means at no additional cost to you (in fact you’ll save $$ with the codes) I could receive a commission on purchases made from the links I share.  3% of the net commission $$ I will donate to Farmer’s Footprint.  

As for the products and services, I have been looking forward to sharing these with you for quite some time.   I only share links to products I have personally vetted and believe in – and I truly believe they can help contribute to creating your own personal wellness.  I take putting my name behind something very seriously, and I trust that you will absolutely love the products I recommend.


So THANK YOU!  It’s a small choice to make, but by clicking and using the codes, you are helping to keep this site alive, supporting my little corner of the internet AND being a part of the food and agriculture change with Farmer’s Footprint.  


I am sending you a big virtual hug.  Thank you, friend!  Seriously, thank you!

The Links

What you’ll find below are links to:

  • My top 5 things you must have
  • Books and other trusted sources
  • (Other) Registry Items I Swear by


#The 5 Top Things


We have two Sonos one upstairs and one in the dining room (I need to get one for the basement!).  One per floor is plenty as they carry sound so well!  


We got this one that comes as a set, and is microphone-free.

It also comes as a single.

They also now make ones that sync with Alexa if that interests you!



For me, Spotify is self-care because, music = love, mood, emotions, all the feelings!  And when I can feel all the feelings I know I’m a better human and a better parent.




I actually started to look forward to these household chore moments because it became “me time” with Audible.


When you invest in your mind and body, you empower your ability to be a better human and parent.  When we feel drained, not invested in, and not learning that inevitably can strain our relationships and ability to serve others.  Put simply, we can’t pour from an empty cup!




I hope you’ll give it a try.  It truly is super accessible if you’ve never tried meditation before.  AND they offer family plans as well so you can have it on multiple devices!


Offerings include:

  • Meditations by time, need/situation (focus, reframe, rest, performance, pregnancy, etc)
  • Sleep
  • Movement
  • Meditation for kids/adults/athletes



A cordless vacuum and an immersion blender save time and save sanity.  


Cordless Vacuum.

 We have the Dyson Animal Cordless (our dog sheds a ton).  But there are many great ones out there!


Immersion Blender.  

This is the one I have and I love it, no complaints!


My Trusted Sources Booklist.

Here are some of my go-to sources when it comes to having a baby and raising kids.


(Other) Registry Asks.

Here are some of my other go-to’s and considerations when it comes to being/living with kids and what to register for:


  • Beekeeper’s Naturals – re-claim your medicine cabinet with these natural, non-toxic, GF, made by nature products.  My favorite is the Propolis Throat Spray – I use this any time I start to feel something might be coming on (even when I’m just tired, feeling on the cusp of coming down with something).  They also have a Propolis Kids Throat Spray. I also loe the B. Powered Superfood Honey – just take a tsp and move on! 
  • Interested?  Shop and use the code FreeWell15 for 15% off (that’s FreeWell15) THIS ONE SAVES YOU $$  
    1. Use the code at checkout and get 15% off your purchases 


  • Outdoor blanket by JJ Cole – we got this from our neighbors when the girls were born and I questioned their gift (I didn’t register for it) but it is one of the BEST gifts. We used it all the time and when they were infants and going to park, it’s perfect!  We keep ours in the van at all times!


  • Primally Pure – nontoxic skin care & home.  I’ve been using PP for almost 2 years now and I have to say receiving a package from them is a special gift each time.  There’s something about receiving products that are the result of so much time, energy, and thoughtful care – you feel a part of something. 
      1.  I started with their deodorant (hello Lavender and Blue Tansy!). 
      2. Other products of theirs I love: Blue Tansy Beauty Cream, Cleansing Oil and the Cleansing Baby Bar (I use this 2 step process at night, PLUS! The bar can be used on kids, it’s so gentle, and I love the Complexion Mist in Lavender.
      3. I’m just starting to play around with their facial masks as these are a little newer in the line of products.



  • Mesh bumper – so those little limbs don’t get stuck in the crib.  I like this one!
  • Highchair TIP!
    • Highchairs can take up so much space.  There are a lot of great ones out there but consider the ease of cleaning and how much space it will take up (because it will rarely be folded FYI and instead be sitting out all day every day.  
    • Look for a chair that is minimal, and the few cracks and crevices the better (food gets stuck in these and you’ll have this chair for at least 2 years).
    • Some ones I like:
      • Evenflo – this is what we used, I ended up taking the topper off the top tray (less crevices) and just used the white tray part and it’s been great – 5 years and going strong!
      • Primo
      • Joovy
      • WeeSprout Wooden


Prenatal vitamin (good take when trying to conceive too and postpartum!)

    1. Here is the one I used Baby & Me Megafood
    2. I am in the process of looking into others I would recommend, stay tuned on the Free Well Blog for more details!


  • Bottle TIPs!
    1. Only register for 1 or 2 different kinds of bottles because you don’t know what your baby will like/gravitate towards.  I made the mistake of registering for too many bottles and none of them working!  
    2. If you plan to breastfeed look for bottles that mimic BF and help ease the back and forth from breast to bottle such as these ones:  Comotomo, Tomme Tippe  


  • Outdoor Play yard – it’s fun to have them out there with you but contained for say when you want to do a workout, or garden, or putz around the yard and not have to worry for 5 minutes about them eating a stick 🙂  I loved this one by Summer Infant



  • Sleep Sack – it’s a splurge, but so worth it and you’ll have it for 2 years at least.  This style by Woolino survived all my kids and they are rough ones!


  • Snack Catcher – by Munchkin they are the best, we use these all the time!


  • Mother Love Nipple Cream – mind you I have nursed for 5+ years (with a tiny break of 3 months between the twins and Leo being born) 



  • Boba Baby Wrap – will always be my favorite carrier, and we had them all.  Soooo comfy, versatile, and there are some easy YouTube tutorials on how to put on.  Fun Fact – this was also my husband Pete’s favorite carrier!


  • Reusable Food Pouches by WeeSprout – I have the same set I bought when the twins were born, they have been used so many times, frozen, stomped on, squeezed — they are all 100% still great!  Highly recommend!



  • Best Booties that stay on! Zutanos 


  • Nursing Pillow – I used the Breastfriend and it was a life(back)-saver – that along with my chiropractor husband 🙂


Thank you for sharing time and space for yourself and for me.  It is my pleasure to serve you as you work to create a wellness that is made for you, by you!