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Thank you!

You’re in as a Founding Member of Wellspring Within!

More details will be coming to your inbox but a few callouts!

Be sure to check your inbox and save the contacts for:

  • Kartra (this is the system I use for the Online WELL – your one stop for all the “drips” learnings, guides, downloads you’ll receive throughout this program).  While it’s online, I am doing my best to make it a cozy, calm place for you to enjoy.
  • Save “” to your email as well so you don’t miss a thing as all directions, updates, and notifications will be sent to your inbox.


More details coming on the private Wellspring Community Group channel and how to access! Stay tuned!


Live Integration Office Hours begin September 28th!


I am sending you a big virtual hug.  Thank you, friend!  Seriously, thank you!

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