Coaching Wellness In MY World for women


Wellness In MY World 

It’s time your wellness worked with your life, not against or separate from it.

Can you imagine feeling like the small, every-day decisions that make up your life were actually in line with your vision for your wellness and life?

Can you imagine feeling like you don’t have to think about wellness because it’s actually so well integrated into your life that, your life is your wellness?

Want to go from “my life+my wellness” to “the way I’m living IS my wellness”?

The Wellness In My World is a comprehensive program including of 1 on 1 coaching grounded in your life that works for you. We will take a deep dive into your life and your goals to make sure they are integrated and working together.


As a trained researcher and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,  I’ll work with you to link the seemingly small details into your wellness plan. 

Our goal?  To obtain and sustain.  Sustainable changes take time.


You didn’t get where you are overnight.


Going somewhere else (and making sure you’re settled in!) takes time.


  • You’re not sure where to start or have trouble staying on a path once you begin.
  • You are in one of those transitional life moments (empty-nester, new job, starting to think about having a family, loss of a loved one, etc) and you’re thinking now what? These transitional moments give us pause and are truly ripe times for growth especially when it’s integrated with your changing life.
  • You can’t imagine adding one more thing to your plate and really want some guidance and planning done for you to conserve (and really expand!) the brain space and sanity you have left currently.
  • You want a chance to not only start but establish (as many as you can) healthy daily habits that will help cultivate true and lasting wellness.
  • You’re intrigued by Free Well’s guiding principles and processes and think they could really bring some positive light to your wellness journey.
  • You would love support, education, and inspiring information specifically related to your wellness goals.
  • You would love the flexibility of working in-person or virtually on your health.
  • You’re moving fast through life’s demands, and really wanting to focus & invest in you.
  • You want the flexibility to explore all primary (non-food) and secondary food areas in relation to your life and what you envision for yourself.
  • You hate feeling rushed and misunderstood and want time to really explore your life and wellness desires and set them up for lasting success.

Ready to start making small, incremental changes for a big impact?

Ready to raise your awareness and have a partner alongside you for the next 6 months?

Ready to really explore your health and wellness holistically while being realistic?


This program has a 3-month track and a 6-month track to match your specific needs and goals.  We’ll discuss which one might be best for you during the Free Discovery Call.  And all graduates of any of my programs have the option for additional coaching, guidance, and inspiration if that’s something they wish to continue.

6-month Track

  • 10 Session Package,  50 minutes per session (*first Clarity Session allow for up to 90 minutes) 
    • Popular Schedule: 
      • Month 1:  3 sessions
      • Month 2 & 3:  2 sessions per month (bi-weekly)
      • Month 4, 5, & 6: 1 session per month
    • *We can also create a customized schedule (you can use your 10 sessions over the course of 6 months as you wish)

3-month Track

  • 6 Session Package,  50 minutes per session (*first Clarity Session allow for up to 90 minutes) 
    • Popular Schedule: 
      • Month 1: 2 sessions per month (bi-weekly)
      • Month 2:  2 sessions per month (bi-weekly)
      • Month 3: 2 sessions per month (bi-weekly)
    • *We can also create a customized schedule (you can use your 10 sessions over the course of 6 months as you wish)

Both tracks include:

  • Comprehensive view
  • Flexibility in meeting in person, virtually, or over the phone
  • Email support
  • Activities specifically selected for your goals to complete before our sessions, to optimize our time together
  • Extended time for us to elevate as many areas in your life as we can (in a realistic way)
  • Video/audio messaging support in-between our sessions (clients love this access for all the random questions that come up!)
  • Program extras (books, samples,  resource handouts, special access rates to any events offered during your program)
  • Recipe recommendations and meal plan guidance 


(**Please note: all graduates of my programs have the option to renew or create customized programs)

  • pay in full option or monthly installment payments available

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