Favorite Children Books

My Favorite Children’s Books!

These are as much a gift for me (and my husband) as they are for our kids, when we read to them.  No matter what is going on, when we read one of these books, we are changed (if even a tiny bit) for the. better.

So those really stressful moments, those moments I am most exhausted with the responsibilities of parenthood, I grab one of these and say “Let’s read …”  These books are some of our absolute favorite children’s books with an emphasis on mindfulness, emotions, movement, and finding joy in each day.  Let me know what you think!   I’d LOVE to know what you think – post in the comments OR send me a note and tell me if these are helpful.


To see more about why I think this is way more than just a list of books see here and really know how to use these to your and your family’s benefit!

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This book is also a great one for ANYONE, ANY AGE!  It has quickly become one of my most favorite books.

Also a great one for any table, any eyes and ears willing to listen – no matter the age 🙂

Magic Breath

I think I use the words “I’m going to take a magic breath now” at least once a week (sometimes many times).  It has become a simple practice we can use for the whole family.

The Best Part of the Day

I fell hard for her book Simple Abundance, so when I saw she wrote a children’s book I was all over it.  It is one of my favorites to read, so much so I think we’ve had to tape pages in the book about a gazillion times 🙂

I love bringing this book out and doing the coloring with my girls — I love it just as much as them!  I think this one is also great for any age 🙂

We sing this one, and I just love how it calms us all down.  This has always been a favorite song of mine so I would have this book whether I had kids or not.  The illustrations are beautiful and whimsical.

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