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Here you will find all my tried and true favorite things from what’s in my kitchen, to what’s on my skin, and more. I update this constantly so be sure to check back for more!



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Food & Kitchen.

Eaton FArm IMG_3432

Produce, Meat, & More - The Eaton Farm

Jerry and Liz with The Eaton Farm have been serving our family delicious eggs, vegetables, pork, chicken, and Thanksgiving turkeys for over 7 years now!  We purchase weekly, but we also purchase a half a hog at a time and I love that we get to request how we want the pork divided up.  If you follow me on Instagram you also know I love to cook just about anything with their lard (great for sweet potato fries, baking, and more!).  They have everything from grass-fed beef and lamb to raw honey and more.  Click the button below to explore their site and all their buying options (they have many).  One of my favorite things about Jerry and Liz?  Their commitment to their farm and how they have fun in the process (and that’s a big feat because farming is not easy!).  Just follow their Instagram @eatonfarming and or subscribe to their newsletter – they both have a way with words you won’t want to miss.


Grass-fed food - Grassroots Farm & Foods

On the way to the market, my kids like to ask “are we going to see Drausin today?”  because they know if we are, we better take the wagon we fill up so much on their quality products (by “fill up” I mean we order a half a cow at a time).  One of the things I personally love about buying from local farmers is their stories and why they got into this laborious business in the first place – Drausin was a successful banker and left to become a full-time a grass farmer!  Like Jerry and Liz, Drausin also has a way with words and I look forward to his newsletters with his life on the farm reflections.  Check them out, they have many ways to purchase and a full range of quality meats and prepared foods.  Pete and I hope to make it to one of their farm tours soon, and we will be sure to share about that experience!


Dressing, & More - Organic Farm at Bear Creek

The Organic Farm at Bear Creek got me through my twin pregnancy when I was craving a particular kind of salad dressing!  They have some of the best dressings, soups, salsas, and more.  I’ve sent gift baskets to friends out of state, and we personally buy from them just about every week.



Home Remedies - Beekeeper's Naturals.

I personally love most things that challenge the status quo, especially when it’s something challenging mainstream norms with artificial ingredients and horrible side effects.  When I was a research and innovation consultant for big brands I would help build and facilitate ideations.  Ideations? you ask – just think huge, inspirational events sometimes packed with experts and always packed with innovative strategies to think outside the box – create new!  One of those strategies was through biomimicry, the imitation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving human problems.  We would explore ways things are done in nature (example: how does a bee protect their hive) and then consider how we could apply those learnings to whatever product/service/thing we were innovating for.  So years later, when I heard of Beekeeper’s Naturals and the founder’s personal story (you gotta hear it for yourself) I was intrigued.  Why are bees so important? What can they offer us?  What can we learn from them?  Turns out a lot!  I’ve been using Propolis Spray for some time, and more recently have been exploring the B-LXR Brain Fuel.  I’ve also become a fan of all bee-friendly plants and keeping that clover in our yard to help these small but mighty, amazing insects!

Interested in cleaning up your home remedies? Use the code: Freewell15 at checkout for 15% off your purchase!

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Clothes - The Wearable

When I came across the Wearable on Instagram I immediately fell in love with their mission and their pieces.  I got every bird shirt they have – Trust Your Wings – yes!  You are so fly – yes!  and mine personally, Wingin It – why yes, yes I am!  What you’ll get with them?  Handpicked, hand-dyed, eco-friendly goodies (clothes – they have more than just tees).


Natural Skincare & Deodorant - Primally Pure

I’ve been using PP for almost 2 years now and I have to say receiving a package from them is a special each time.  There’s something about receiving products that are the result of so much time, energy, and thoughtful care – you feel a part of something.  I started with their deodorant (hello Lavender and Blue Tansy!), then moved onto skincare.  I have Roseca so I am super mindful of the products and ingredients I put on my face, it has always been sensitive.  Other products of theirs I love: Blue Tansy Beauty Cream, Cleansing Oil and the Cleansing Baby Bar (I use this 2 step process at night, PLUS! The bar can be used on kids, it’s so gentle, and I love the Complexion Mist in Lavender.  I’m just starting to play around with their facial masks as these are a little newer in the line of products.

Interested?  Use the code FreeWell10 at checkout to receive 10% off your entire first purchase!


Makeup (and more) - 100% Pure

I have been using 100% Pure products for over 6 years.  I started with their tinted moisturizer (and never looked back – this is the kind of product my face actually feels better once it’s on).  From there I’ve gone on to try a whole range of other products which I will share more about on my Blog.  I apply the tinted moisturizer to even my skin tone and when I might be breaking out, I mix a little with my foundation and wa-la the best of both.  I find their site fun to explore and the consumers of this brand give in-depth reviews (which is so helpful especially when buying online!).


IMG_3445 (1)

EMF Radiation Protection - SafeSleeve

My husband Pete and I have been using SAFESLEEVE products for over 2 years now and have never looked back.  I can honestly say I feel a difference when I’m working on my laptop and my cover case is between me and my laptop and when it is not.  Same with my phone.  Did you know all those devices we all love are emitting harmful radiation ALL the time?!  SAFESLEEVE offers a range of products to help reduce our exposure and they look freaking fantastic too!  I have the SAFESLEEVE for iPhone 11, and a matching one for my laptop!  While I originally got these to protect against the radiation, I didn’t expect to find them more functional and durable than the cases I had before.  I love the pocket function for optional storage and it’s by far the most durable case I’ve had yet (I historically drop my phone a lot and have not had any issues with the screen since purchasing).  Check them out through the link below!

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