Burger Rub


Burger Rub 

I swear by having blends on hand because they help so much when you have the protein but you just don’t know or want to think about what to do with it.  Some days it’s hard enough just thinking the night before what to take out to thaw – so don’t ask me now what to do with it.  Anyone else feel this way at times?  Insert seasoning blends like this one that you can have on hand to save you in those moments you really just don’t want to think about what to do with your protein!  Just season it and be done!  If you’re curious how I approach meal time and why I call bulk blends one of my secret allies to my meal prep approach then get the FREE Meal Plan Guide today!


Let’s begin!


  • Paprika 2 ½ Tablespoons
  • Salt 1-2 Tablespoons
  • Garlic powder 2 Tablespoons
  • Onion powder 1 Tablespoon
  • Pepper 2 teaspoons
  • Ground mustard 1 teaspoon
  • *(optional) Cayenne if you want some kick 1-2 teaspoons (start with 1)


  • 1 Jar – (something to put it in with a good seal)  For the burger rub I like it in a glass shaker jar with the stainless steel lid found at The Container Store for ease – here’s a whole page of jars with lids they carry.  You can also use any mason jar, glassware – anything with a good seal 
  • Small whisk
  • Bowl to mix spice blend
  • Scoop/spoon to transfer blend to jar
  • (optional) a funnel to help with the transfer


  1. Mix all the spice ingredients together and wa-la!
  2. When you want to use it just season the burgers to your liking, it’s flavorful so a little goes a long way – sprinkle on both sides.  If the taste buds in your household are a little iffy with spices season one side and see how that goes – you can always experiment with more or less next time!  You can let it sit and sink into the meat or throw on the grill or skillet right away.


  • Use organic spices when you can as a lot of toxins can still transfer into our spices
  • Spice factor — consider the taste buds in your home, you can make this more or less spicy with the cayenne pepper 

I  hope this blend can serve you and your home as much as it’s been a time and flavor saver in ours.  And if you’re curious about other ways you can bring more of you into your kitchen download my FREE You-Centric Meal Plan Guide today!

I would love to hear if you try it.  Let me know how it works for you!

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