How to Move Towards Alignment In 5 Minutes (or less) With Insights to Actually Use


How to Move Towards Alignment In 5 Minutes (or less) With Insights to Actually Use

Author: Dina Haggenjos


Posted on: January 9, 2024 | min read

We are among the lucky because we are here – we get to do another day, and hopefully another year so no matter where you netted out with the end of the year or day or month (whenever you happen to find this), or how you’re feeling about it …just know you are here (great), and you’re not alone in this community.


I know this isn’t your first rodeo when it comes to the new year’s/”helpful tool” messages so I want to keep it super straightforward, tell you what to expect (and get out of this) because our time is precious and I want to offer something useful:


  1. I’m sharing a 1 page assessment I created and I’ve NEVER shared it like this before – just giving it away.  You can complete and I promise if you do it – it will shed some light on how you think about your time, energy, resources and how you allocate those this year.  
    • **And for past clients, take it again (it’s changed and this can be used to reassess at any time of the year).
    • Do read all about how to think about this tool, and why it’s a GREAT precursor for the second tool that will be coming your way.
    • The download link is at the bottom but I do recommend reading the tips below to make the most of your time!
  2. Share some quick updates and what to expect coming your way, including free tool #2 My annual planning doc that Pete and I have used for years – will be coming to you at the end of this week (Thursday night). 




It’s my one page assessment that you can print out, complete and I promise if you do it – it will shed some light on how you want to think about your time, energy, resources and where you put those things this year.


This is also a great prerequisite for the tool I’ll be sending next (the annual planning guide you can do as a couple – look for that Thursday night). 


Let me share an extremely brief version of how this tool came to be.  I was in the trenches of postpartum with newborn twins, back to work, and realizing I did not feel like my whole human-being self – and hadn’t for a long time (I know, nothing new for postpartum hood).  


Long story short I went down a rabbit hole (did I just reference Taylor there? Ok, that song will be stuck in my head) …anyways, I went down a path of research, reflection, and inner and outer work that led to me creating this assessment which I’ve used with myself and clients.  


Here’s one thing I’ll say, and mind you this is coming from someone who is fascinated with depth, digging, excavating especially when it comes to the roots of us —  all of it takes TIME!  And SO MANY of the practices to do this, assessments included, are a time suck. 


I created this assessment to truly be a tool for depth and breadth in 5 minutes or less.  This is meant to be doable, and yet yield some good feedback and insights to dig into and use for days, months, even years ahead.  Plus, it can be repurposed again and again to reassess where you’re at.


Here’s why I think my approach mattersAttending just to our human side (our body+health) is not enough.  There is a lot more to us than just what we can touch and what can be measured.


We are whole, human beings and when we feel most whole and aligned is when we are aware of and put effort towards these areas of our lives which I’ve outlined and use in the framework of the assessment:

    • Human = your form, body + health + how you fuel it
    • Being = the formless in your life, stillness, mind + spiritual connection/whatever that is for you + awareness-raising, creativity, and more
    • Bridge = our clarity, priorities, rhythms and organization, boundaries and activation energy that make feeling like and attending to our “human” and our “being” sides possible
      • This is the area I think a lot of assessments miss.  When we don’t have these, we can’t work on anything else, at least not consistently.  
  • When we don’t have our bridge points aligned, that’s when we constantly struggle …make a few steps, take steps back.  Start a new thing (or five things at once) and don’t finish any of them.  Sound familiar?

How to use this assessment:

  1. Print it out (recommend printing if you can, but you could answer the prompts in your journal)
  2. Take 5 really honest minutes with yourself and complete the guide, there are prompts at the top
  3. Take a look at page 2 with a few guiding points on how to use what you find


To Download the Guide click here!


If you have any questions/thoughts/ideas you can simply comment below or contact me.


Here’s to alignment that creates growth, and those forever-felt ripple effects,




Are you new here?  Welcome!

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